As the world’s most popular flavor, vanilla is a perennial favorite across a wide selection of applications ranging from dairy to culinary and truly everything in between. At Tastepoint, we recognize and value how much vanilla has been, and continues to be, at the core of so much of what we do as a flavor company. This is why one of our working goals is to become unquestionably preeminent in all things vanilla.

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When it comes to procuring vanilla, we employ a balanced approach; buying opportunistically and contracting with reliable vendors and brokers for larger quantities over time. Three generations of legacy David Michael & Company leadership have cultivated resource relationships with growers and curers in all of the vanilla-producing regions. This enables us to source from a variety of regional markets and an array of channels including: direct from farms, local partners and international exporters.

Our well-established and trusted relationships allow us to gain access to the best price and quality of the market when available, and to ensure supply at a minimum when it is not.

Our vanilla technology products do more than just provide the solution to a supply and demand problem in an array of sweet and savory applications; they can also deliver a signature flavor profile to your finished food product, and cost-savings in use. Whether the vanilla market is stable and economical or in a crisis, as your partner, Tastepoint’s assortment of unique vanilla solutions can meet the demands.

Vanilla Extracts, Specialty Products & Technologies

When approaching new product development with vanilla in mind, be sure to consider Tastepoint’s full portfolio of vanilla technology extracts. Our proprietary extraction process produces the most efficient yield of flavor through a conservation of “folds,” while creating a signature taste profile. Included in the range are proprietary extracts Supreme®, Super Supreme®, Premier Process® and Superb®, as well as sustainable extracts like Certified Organic and Fair Trade. Our entire family of vanilla technology extracts meet the standard of identity for vanilla extract and our vanilla experts can determine which technology flavor is the best fit based on the specifics of your application. The diversity and range of application work within which these vanilla flavors can be used makes them a perfect fit for your future product development work.

Our vanilla innovations don’t stop at extracts:

  • The first of its type in the industry, Philadelphia Style System® was designed as a unitized delivery system of vanilla extract and bean material for making Philadelphia Style vanilla ice cream.
  • Vanguard® is a natural, non-characterizing flavor that functions as a base smoother while allowing for displacement in the amount of vanilla used without any reduced flavor impact.
  • Not to be outdone, Supervan® is a line of one-to-one artificial vanillin and ethyl vanillin replacers that create an opportunity for cost savings while maintaining a comparable label.
  • In an effort to help developers continue to innovate, even when in the midst of a volatile vanilla market, Tastepoint has crafted a series of Natural Vanilla Signature WONF (With Other Natural Flavors) Taste Creations. The distinction of this collection is that each vanilla flavor delivers different background characteristics that distinguish the flavor profile of the finished product by imparting a signature vanilla flavor.

Legacy History and Experience

Tastepoint’s Legacy brand, David Michael & Company, has been extracting vanilla for over a hundred years! Along the way, refining, perfecting and creating value-added conventional and proprietary extraction processes. Serving as a pioneer in the vanilla market brings with it a lot of firsts:

  • 1987: Began teaching the vanilla modules at the world-renowned Penn State University Ice Cream Short Course, and still do to this day! This paved the way to our continued participation in other university courses throughout the U.S. and Canada.
  • 1998: First flavor house to offer a 100% organic vanilla extract.
  • 2006: First to market vanilla extract in the US & Europe with a Fair Trade certification.

Powered by IFF

Tastepoint by IFF boasts a truly unique added advantage in the vanilla flavor solutions market by combining the power of two differentiated catalogs to support our customers’ needs. In addition to producing a complete range of extracts, folds, extenders and replacers, IFF’s specialty products include oil-soluble vanilla, artisan vanilla and glycerin extracts. The union of two production platforms delivers exceptional quality and performance benefits, combined creative resources, enhanced purchasing power, and best-in-class analytical resources and R&D to continue exploring new technologies and extraction techniques.

Let’s Talk Vanilla!

We look forward to working together to provide a connection and experience as unique and remarkable as vanilla itself. If vanilla flavors and extracts have a place in your company’s product development, reach out to your Account Manager or our Customer Service Team to get better acquainted with the innovative vanilla solutions that Tastepoint can provide as an established leader among vanilla producers.