Organic is one of the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. food industry, and continues to outpace overall market growth. As our capabilities constantly evolve to meet consumer demand, we’re committed to continued expansion of our organic offerings.

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At Tastepoint, we create a broad range of organic flavor profiles which complement any application. Our catalog of existing and customizable flavors spans every Taste Solutions category, as well as modulation and vanilla extract. With our comprehensive understanding of organic regulation, we can properly evaluate your product requirements and help educate your team as to which organic solution best fits your needs.

Our technical and regulatory teams work hand in hand to ensure that our flavors meet organic compliant or organic certified requirements. Both of our Philadelphia, PA facilities and the IFF site in South Brunswick, NJ are QAI organic certified.

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Reach out to your Account Manager or our Customer Service Team to learn more about how our organic taste solutions can help grow your product portfolio.