Dairy & Frozen Dessert

Our dairy know-how dates back over 100 years, and today our proficient Dairy team has mastered the nuances and intricacies of delivering taste in the often-delicate medium of dairy bases, including the following:

  • Cultured Milk Products
  • Dairy Beverages: Flavored Milks & Egg Nog
  • Dairy Creamers
  • Ice Cream, Milkshakes & Soft Serve
  • Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts
  • Novelties: Ice Pops, Italian Ice (Water Ice), Sherbet & Sorbet
  • Pudding
  • Whipped Toppings
  • Yogurt (Spoonable, Drinkable, Frozen & Plant-Based)
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As a best practice, Tastepoint’s Dairy team process-proves flavors through various procedures, including microthermics (direct & indirect processing), ice cream mixes, whipped toppings, puddings, and many frozen dessert or novelty options. We’re fully equipped to work with your existing base or to help you create one based on your project needs.

As the dairy alternative trend continues to drive product development, our taste solutions follow suit. As a natural extension of working with dairy products, we’ve also cultivated an expertise in dairy flavor profiles for use in non-dairy applications. From fresh cream to aged cheese, and sweet browns to masking agents, our dairy flavor solutions transcend far beyond the traditional dairy case.

Want to deliver protein in a dairy or plant-based frozen dessert? We can help. Need to add dessert-inspired or true-to-fruit flavors to your yogurt lineup? Yep, that’s us too. Let your Account Manager or our Customer Service Team know your dairy innovation challenge and we’ll get right to work on the solution.