Strategic Partnerships

With an eye on innovation, David Michael has developed relationships with companies offering emerging technologies. These partnerships give us and our clients a competitive edge in an ever changing marketplace. We are always on the look-out for companies with whom we want to partner, and want to be the first to bring them to our clients.

Multi-Sensory Branding – An Emerging Opportunity

Multi-sensory branding establishes an emotional connection between your brand and the consumer. And now, major companies are capitalizing on the connection between scent, memory, sight, sound and emotion. The more senses used to connect with a brand, the more powerful that connection becomes. Westin Hotels exude a subtle signature White Tea scent that conveys relaxation, serenity and develops brand identity. Multi-sensory branding enhances emotion in food and beverage categories as well. Why shouldn't opening a box of cookies evoke the same experience of walking into a bakery? Why wait for a consumer to enter a supermarket when she can sample your product through a flavor strip in her favorite magazine.

Our Multi-Sensory Partners include:

First Flavor, Inc.

First Flavor, Inc. is the creator of the Peel ‘n Taste® marketing system, a groundbreaking, proprietary technology that enables consumers to taste the flavor of a product using a cost-effective and compact dissolving edible film strip packaged in a thin tamper-evident pouch. First Flavor has partnered with David Michael & Co. to develop a sophisticated taste-matching technology that replicates the flavor of a wide range of products in its Peel ‘n Taste® strips. First Flavor works with both global and emerging companies interested in using the sense of taste to enhance their existing marketing, including print advertising, direct mail, POS, event marketing and promotions. In fact, a recent ad in a leading national magazine that featured a Peel ‘n Taste® flavor strip was not only remembered by 70% of readers interviewed, but also caused over two-thirds to either mention the ad to others or actually go out and buy the product.

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    ScentSational Technologies

    ScentSational Technologies is the leader in developing, patenting and licensing Olfaction Packaging technologies. ScentSational works with the world's leading Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Consumer products companies to enhance their brands with Multi-Sensory Branding. Its Encapsulated-Aroma Release® technologies add specially formulated Aromatic Enhancers directly into most forms of plastic packaging components at the time of manufacturing, resulting in aromatic packaging components. CompelAroma Brand Building is an advanced Sensory Branding strategy that compels consumers to use a brand over and over again by leveraging the powerful sense of smell. ScentSational Technologies has developed an intimate relationship with David Michael and often relies on us to develop custom Signature Scents for a broad range of applications. Through this strategic partnership, ScentSational and David Michael work closely together to serve our clients' needs for delivering brand enhancing flavor and aroma to achieve an effective multi-sensory branding experience.

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