Sensory and Flavor Insights

The proof is in the eating. That's why David Michael's Sensory & Flavor Insights Department works closely with other teams - flavor development, applications, culinary, marketing - to ensure that the our clients receive the best flavor for their product.


How We Test
  • In-house sensory panels are conducted in our dedicated sensory lab.
  • Difference testing, descriptive analysis, and qualitative profiling are conducted in our lab using highly motivated, trained and semi-trained employee panelists.
  • Outside of the lab, some of our other capabilites include:
    • Fast Track Consumer Trends™ Online Surveys: We work with our clients to create surveys that can be launched locally and nationwide. These surveys help to gather information about consumers' opinions on new concepts and products. Turn-around time is short to ensure our clients get the information they need quickly.
    • Small-Scale Consumer Research: When applicable, we conduct home-use tests utilizing our Fast Track Friends & Family Program™. 
    • Data Analysis: Following the completion of a research study, analysis is performed in-house. The results are shared with our clients, so that they can move forward in the product development cycle.

For more information on our Sensory & Flavor Insights Department, please contact your Account Manager.

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