Innovation Roadshow®

David Michael's Innovation Roadshow is a great venue to gather ideas and inspiration to help fuel your product portfolio.  With brilliant speakers, fascinating insights, new flavor trends and applied technologies, this is a must-attend event! Our technical, sensory, consumer, marketing and industry experts all help to showcase opportunities that address today's consumers and marketplace.

Why You Should Attend:
  • Experience innovative flavors and applications.
  • Learn about consumer and marketplace trends from industry thought-leaders
  • Re-charge your innovative edge.
  • Nurture your creativity via a free, multifaceted food and beverage event

What You'll Discover:

  • Thoughtful insights into emergent consumer and marketplace trends
  • Unusual, provocative and interesting flavors
  • Creative, innovative and tasty category applications
  • Novel technologies that help to differentiate products and manage costs


Who Our Attendees Are:

  • Anyone responsible for food & beverage ideation, innovation, product development, marketing or cost-savings
  • R&D directors, food scientists, applications managers, food technologists
  • Chefs, cooking professionals, educators
  • Sensory and consumer insights professionals 
  • Marketing executives, category directors, brand managers 
  • Purchasing directors, managers and agents 
To learn more, visit 2016 Innovation Roadshow.


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