Product Innovation Group

Much of our new product development is a response to the ever-changing marketplace and our clients' unique development projects. We believe that staying innovative is the key to success, and we have developed a formal process to support innovation.

At the core of this technology innovation process is the belief that innovation involves everyone at every level. The makeup of this team, called the Product Introduction Group (PIG), reflects this belief.

The PIG is composed of David Michael employees in a cross-section of functional areas, including Flavor Chemistry, Manufacturing, Marketing and Global Business Development. Additionally, the employee who identifies a new technology or brings a new idea to the group serves as an ad hoc member. Their inclusion recognizes that sometimes the most innovative ideas come from unexpected sources. At times, the pro tem member is an individual from one of our clients. This is an opportunity for our partners to get involved in our innovation pipeline early in the cycle, by bringing proposals for new technologies in areas in which we have expertise, identifying "blue sky" flavor related opportunities that require solutions, or by participating in the PIG and evaluating technologies as they are reviewed by the team.

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