As inspired ideators rooted in application, we’ve garnered a unique understanding of the relationship between taste and texture. As much as we love partnering with you to realize new innovations, we’re also a resource for crafting solutions to troubleshoot your existing challenges. The origins of our proprietary texture and stability system, Michtex®, date back half a century to 1968! Michtex blends are combinations of hydrocolloids, emulsifiers and starches that provide unique approaches to solving food and flavor development obstacles.

Tastepoint’s texture experts will work collaboratively with you to understand your specific needs so that we can tailor a customized blend based on your processing parameters, ingredients and packaging needs. From bench top to production scale-up, we’ll help you deliver texture as well as taste. When applicable, we can provide added value by developing a dual flavor/stabilizer system to further ease your production needs.

Have a texture challenge? Let us feel it out. Reach out to your Account Manager or our Customer Service Team to learn more about how our texture innovations can be customized to meet your specific needs.