Nutrition & Protein

As consumers all over the world move toward healthier eating and incorporating more protein into their diets, the focus on functional food and beverages continues to grow. Sports nutrition has moved beyond the athlete to include the active consumer. Tastepoint specializes in formulating for nutritional products, and the ingredients that those products entail. We know value-added bases – added protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals – can often come with their own set of challenges. Our expertise in overall taste experience and modification can help you meet the desired target for your product, while masking off-notes, rounding out the sweetness of the flavor profile, or ensuring that flavors are stable through a wide range of processing conditions.

With an eye trained toward the future, we are well-versed in plant-based and alternative proteins, as well as natural, organic-compliant and organic certified flavors. We’re your partner for mainstream favorites, like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, caramel and peanut butter, but we also look beyond the everyday classics to trend-forward and savory flavors for a range of applications, including bars and beverages.

Whether your challenge involves increasing your protein content, converting to natural, or masking off-notes, Tastepoint can help. To learn how we can flex our muscle when it comes to nutrition and protein, get in touch with your Account Manager or our Customer Service Team.