Cost-Saving Technologies

As part of our commitment to realizing innovations, we are consistently tapping into our insights to create technologies that anticipate consumer desires and solve customer challenges. When these challenges are brought on by specific industry needs, consider us quick responders; providing our customers with economic advantages and increased operational efficiencies.

Whether providing a natural solution to extending honey, off-setting the expense of cocoa, or helping you reformulate your current flavors to be more cost-effective, explore how our diverse cost-saving technologies will help both your bottom line and your product portfolio.

Vanilla: Vanguard® & Supervan®

A global favorite and also one of the world’s most vulnerable crops, vanilla is no stranger to market volatility. Our vanilla technology products do more than just provide the solution to a supply and demand problem in an array of sweet and savory applications; they can also deliver a signature flavor profile to your finished food product, and cost-savings in use.

  • Vanguard® is a natural, non-characterizing flavor that functions as a base smoother while allowing for displacement in the amount of vanilla used without any reduced flavor impact.
  • Not to be outdone, Supervan® is a line of one-to-one artificial vanillin and ethyl vanillin replacers that create an opportunity for cost savings while maintaining a comparable label.

Learn more about how our Vanilla Taste Creations are anything but plain.


As is sometimes the case with vanilla beans, cocoa too is susceptible to wildly fluctuating market costs. Cocoa-Mate is a line of cocoa extenders that are functionally capable of replacing up to 50 percent of the cocoa powder used in a finished product. Cocoa-Mates are available to replace both Dutched Cocoas and Natural Cocoas, and can be used anywhere cocoa is present in your formulas, including compound coatings. Whether you’re looking for a solution to elevated prices, or for overall cost-savings and consistency in use year after year, Cocoa-Mate is a tried and true proprietary problem-solver.


Always striving to deliver creative solutions to our customers in times of need, Honey-mate was originally crafted in response to the world-wide honey shortage in 2002. Available in both liquid and dry blends, this proprietary line of honey extenders and replacers ensures that you can keep honey on your label across a wide array of products, regardless of market supply and pricing.


If you work with raisin juice concentrate, then you’re all too familiar with the mess and loss of yield that inherently comes along with it. Raisin-Mate is a dry, natural flavor designed to eliminate all of the inconvenience associated with using raisin juice concentrate, while maintaining its taste, color and tartness. Easy to blend, weigh, clean up and store, replacing raisin juice concentrate with Raisin-mate brings efficiencies in use and cost-savings by eliminating product waste.

Vinegar Toners

Tastepoint offers a complete line of vinegar toners designed to mellow the raw, harsh, acid taste of white distilled vinegar. The toners, when added to white distilled vinegar, supply the flavor, aroma, and if needed, the color of whatever variety of vinegar is being replaced or simulated. Our vinegar toners are all natural and the line includes apple cider, red wine, white wine, malt, balsamic and tarragon flavors. In addition to cost-savings, the benefits of formulating with our vinegar toners include the need for just one type of vinegar in inventory, and consistent quality control when it comes to uniformity of flavor, color and aroma.

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