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Since our very beginning, David Michael has created a number of innovative products in response to specific industry needs. We are quick to recognize opportunities that will provide our clients with economic advantages and increased operational efficiencies.

  • Old Time Body and Age® – 1896 – Our first product, developed by David Michael himself, is still being sold today. This flavor imparts an aged and mellow taste to newly distilled whiskey.
  • Vanguard® – 1965 – Originally developed in response to a worldwide vanilla shortage, Vanguard acts as a mix smoothener, allowing for a displacement in the amount of pure vanilla used to flavor a food product.
  • Supreme®, Super Supreme®, Premier Process®, David Michael's Superb® – 1966, 1972, 1999, 1994 – More efficient methods of vanilla extraction that yield intensified vanilla extracts. These unique products are used at a lower rate, resulting in an economic advantage while delivering a signature flavor.
  • Supervan® – 1969 – This line of vanillin and ethyl vanillin replacers provides an opportunity for cost savings while maintaining a comparable label.
  • Butter Plus® – 1971 – our natural, liquid replacement for real butter. One pound of Butter Plus replaces 50 pounds of real butter.
  • Raisinmate® – 1983 – This dry, natural powder is used by the baking industry as a functional alternative to messy raisin juice concentrate. As a dry product, Raisinmate allows for easier use in production and eliminates waste.
  • Beef-Mate® – 1990 – A dry, natural powder replacement used to eliminate the difficulties associated with using beef extract in any application.
  • MichaeLite® – 1991 – A specialized group of products in our Michtex® line of stabilizers that address the textural concerns associated with making low and no fat products.
  • Philadelphia Style System® – 1993 – Our custom system for the delivery of vanilla extract and bean material in making ice creams. The benefits to this approach are no-measure handling, ease of vanilla bean dispersion, and the prevention of microbial growth.
  • Michael-Thermics® – 1994 – Our line of heat stable flavors for applications such as beverage, pudding, yogurt, and soup that undergo processing conditions such as retort, UHT, HTST, aseptic, direct/indirect heating, and homogenization.
  • Cocoa-Mate® – 2003 – A line of cocoa extenders and replacers that allow for savings in times of high cocoa prices.
  • Honey-Mate® – 2003 – A line of honey extenders and replacers that allow for savings in times of high honey prices.
  • MichaelCap® – 2004 – This customized line of microencapsulated flavors allows for release under specific conditions, such as PH or temperature.
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