Natural Colors

Color is an important sensation. We are aware of the reaction produced by the impression of color around us - we marvel and wonder at what we see, but words are not sufficient to describe our feelings.

Because of its importance, color exudes a reaction from a consumer. Consumers recognize color, flavor and texture as the main attributes of food.  Colors for food products, and even packaging, are chosen based on the target market and the functional and emotional benefits perceived by the consumer.

Since 1988, David Michael Europe has specialized in the development of natural food colors. Our natural colors are available in a variety of formulations - liquid, powder, emulsion, water-soluble and oil-soluble - for a wide range of applications.

Our unique formulations allow us to produce natural colors that closely match the shade of synthetic offerings, in colors that range in hue from green-yellow to red-purple.

Our focus on innovation is evident through the regular development of new food products, based on the research of new raw materials, new shades and high stability options. We are also well-versed in color regulation knowledge worldwide.

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