Product Applications

Our Applications Department is yet another example of flavor partnership in action. At David Michael, our job doesn't end when the flavor is developed. We help clients with full food and beverage system development, process proving our flavors in finished products, and submitting not just flavor samples, but finished prototypes.

The Applications Department is staffed with experts in each of our core areas, including bakery, beverage, dairy, meat, texture, pharmaceutical and confection. These scientists are skilled and experienced, with extensive knowledge of food systems, processing, flavor interactions in food products, and the intimate relationship between flavor and texture. To accurately simulate how well flavors perform in "real world" processing conditions, David Michael maintains a state-of-the-art pilot plant, offering capabilities such as:

  • Impingement oven (dual technology finisher)
  • Direct or indirect UHT and HTST processing and simulated aseptic packaging through our MicroThermics® Unit.
  • Batch pasteurization.
  • Convection ovens and proof box
  • Ice cream pilot plant

Clients are an important part of this process, and are encouraged to work closely with us at every stage, including in our pilot plant.

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