Feature Flavors
Because developing your next hot feature flavor can be time consuming, the ice cream gurus at David Michael have done the work for you. Each year, our creative Dairy Applications team develops innovative flavors that are easily adapted for your own use. Everything is done for you, right down to sourcing the ingredients.

With over 112 years of experience in ice cream, you can bet we’ve got plenty of ideas up our sleeves. Not only do we offer traditional flavors, including luscious fruits, nuts, coffees and chocolates, and classics like rocky road, mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, pistachio and chocolate chip cookie dough, but we’ve got exotic flavors too, like pomegranate, acai, guanabana and durian.

Whether you're interested in one special flavor, you need other feature flavor ideas or you have your own original idea, give us a call at 1-800-DM-FLAVORS, and let us help you hit your flavor target faster®.
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