Fast Track Flavor Process®

We asked over 1,100 food processors what they looked for in a flavor supplier.

Their answer was consistent: "Fast turnaround and the ability to hit the flavor target the first time."

That's why we created the Fast Track Flavor Process.

As the name implies, Fast Track is a system designed to deliver exceptional response times and on-target submissions to our clients. The secret of Fast Track's success is direct technical communication. By eliminating unnecessary detours, barriers and processes, Fast Track also enhances and enriches the relationship between our clients and our Product Development Specialists.


How it Works...

Immediately upon project assignment, a David Michael Product Development Specialist contacts the client and reviews all project guidelines and timetables. As the work progresses, the client is kept constantly informed. Another Fast Track Flavor Process feature is the use of two flavor chemists on select creative projects. This approach provides the client with two perspectives from one flavor house.

Forty-eight hours before submission to the client, samples are reviewed by a senior Technical Review Team, to ensure they meet all project requirements. The client is advised instantly of a sample's shipment via an email that also provides a link to allow immediate feedback. The Fast Track Flavor Process dramatically reduces the time it takes to deliver the product while simultaneously guaranteeing the quality of the submission.

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