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Move Over Pumpkin, Here Comes Candy Cane

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

This fall we’ve seen a noticeable rise in pumpkin-flavored food and beverage launches, both on American restaurant menus and on retail shelves. As fall fades out and winter storms in, we expect the pumpkin parade to be replaced with another seasonal comfort food flavor, candy cane.

Candy cane and peppermint flavors are already making their presence known on popular social media sites like Pinterest and Twitter. Recipes are surfacing for minty, festive seasonal treats like peppermint fudge, candy cane cookies, peppermint candy cupcakes, candy cane bark, peppermint cake pops and of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without a wide array of candy cane cocktails.

If you’re in the market for making peppermint goodies this season, there are plenty of recipes to pick from, and if you’re in the supermarket for peppermint goodies – there’s no shortage there either. Here are some of the standouts to hit shelves so far this season:

Pepperidge Farm - Candy Cane Milano Cookies













Pepperidge Farm Milano Minis Candy Cane Crispy Cookies

Burnett's Candy Cane Flavored Vodka













Burnett’s Candy Cane Flavored Vodka

Pringles White Chocolate Peppermint Potato Chips













Pringles White Chocolate Peppermint Flavored Potato Crisps

Archer Farms Chocolate Peppermint Crunch













Archer Farms Peppermint Crunch Milk Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods

Ghirardelli Chocolate - Peppermint Bark








Ghirardelli Chocolate Peppermint Bark Premium Baking Bar

Candy cane is winter’s “it” flavor this season but the trend doesn’t start and end with food and drink; from candy cane striped manicures to peppermint bath and body products (and a whole lot in between), this winter, America’s painting the town red (and white stripes)!


Halloween Sales Numbers Aren’t Looking Scary At All

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Halloween isn’t one of those “mandatory” holidays like Christmas or Chanukah, so the prediction from IBISWorld research firm that Halloween spending is expected to grow 10.7% from 2011 seems telling of economic optimism. Consumer spending on things like costumes, candy and decorations are expected to reach a record-setting $8 billion this year!

Candy – Halloween’s bread and butter – is estimated to account for $2.4 billion of the sales and this year it isn’t just kids who want to scare up some festive fall treats. Big brands, like Mars, are turning their marketing attention to adults and not just as the purchasers but as the consumers of Halloween candy. So keep an eye out for Halloween-themed Snickers commercials to join the “you’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign.

Not to be outdone, Hershey’s is rolling out ten new candy products for the October holiday – four more than they did in 2011! Further evidence of how they remain the chocolate candy market leader with a 43.3% share of the market. Another new trick up Hershey’s Halloween sleeve this year is to focus less on Halloween-specific packaging and capitalize more on the further-reaching fall-theme which will work to extend the seasonal selling season beyond November 1st, when most Halloween-packaged candy products lose relevance and move to the clearance shelf for a slow, painful death.

With so much new activity on the Halloween candy scene this year, what will you be handing out on October 31st? Here are some of our picks:

Hershey Co. Cadbury Haloween Sceme Egg

The Hershey Company Cadbury Screme Egg: White and green caramel center inside a milk chocolate shell

Milky Way Caramel Apple Minis Chocolate Candies - Halloween Flavor









Mars Caramel Apple Milky Way Minis: Apple-infused caramel over chocolate-malt nougat in a soft milk chocolate shell.

Herr's Chocolate Pumpkin Shaped Pretzels - Halloween













Herr’s Chocolate Flavor-Drizzled Pumpkin Shaped Pretzels: Mini pumpkin shaped pretzels covered in chocolate.

Seattle Chocolates Bloody Orange Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar













Seattle Chocolates Bloody Orange Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar: Candied orange peel in a deep dark chocolate bar.

Stuff the Turkey, Not Yourself.

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Whether you’re ready for it or not, Thanksgiving is almost here! Time to trim that turkey, watch some football and enjoy the traditions that make your family’s Thanksgiving Day gathering special.  Of course, part of what we look forward to most about next Thursday is the delicious, rich, tempting and plentiful food!  Unfortunately, with that thought comes some anxiety for a lot of Americans as we think about the adverse affects that our indulgent feast could have on our waistlines (myself included!).

There’s no denying that healthier food options are on trend, both in supermarket aisles and on restaurant menus.  With smaller portion sizes and packages doing the “portion-control” work for us, a rise in reduced sodium claims, organic and natural positioning gaining popularity and a growing fruit and veggie revival in our midst, we have a lot of “better for you”  options available to us.  But let’s be realistic here, it’s Thanksgiving!  If gluttony has a holiday, this would be it (well maybe Fat Tuesday is a contender).  Even for those whose willpower serves them well most days of the week, a Thanksgiving spread can be kryptonite.  Of course, there are some lucky souls out there who can eat whatever they want and look like they’ve just walked out of a gym (life is unfair) but for the rest of us, there has to be a happy medium.  A place where we can feast to our heart’s content, eat to feel satisfied and not hate ourselves for it the next day – when even our most forgiving pair of jeans seem to be holding a grudge against us.

Ok, so you get the picture, now how can this year be different?  In asking myself the same question and doing a lot of digging, I’ve come across some tips and tricks that I’ll be keeping in mind next week.  Some of these are tried and true, some are common sense, and some are just wacky enough that I feel compelled to try them out of sheer curiosity (yeah, I’m talking about #5).

  1. If you’re not the host, you have a lot less say in what’s on the dinner table, so if you’re a guest, bring a dish that you know is healthy, delicious and guilt-less.
  2. Don’t skip breakfast!  Odds are if you try to “save your calories” for dinner, you’ll just end up over-indulging.
  3. Calories come in liquid form too, so watch the alcoholic and sugary beverages.  If you can, try to alternate between a cocktail and a healthier choice like water or club soda.
  4. Use a smaller plate; you’ll be more selective about what (and how much) you put on it when the real estate space is limited.
  5. Speaking of plates, you’re in luck if the plate is blue! Research shows that the color blue is an appetite suppressant. If the tableware won’t be blue, maybe you can pick your Thanksgiving Day outfit with that tidbit in mind.  Oh, and this same study says that the colors red, orange and yellow (Thanksgiving colors!) make you eat more.
  6. Be the last to serve yourself or to visit the buffet.  You won’t be rushed and you’ll have time to survey the food and think about what you really want and the best part: when everyone is done and going for seconds, you’ll still be on your first plate and less tempted to join the crowd.
  7. Some say that sweet smells help you eat less – after all the majority of the tasting experience comes from smell (think about how different food tastes when you’re sick with a stuffy nose).  If you can, reach for something sweet-smelling like an apple, banana, peppermint or vanilla (our personal favorite) and take a good whiff before diving into your meal.
  8. The 20-minute rule is your best friend!  It takes about 20 minutes from when you start eating for the signals to reach your brain and sync up with your stomach.  If you rush through a meal, your belly may be at capacity but your brain’s meter is still stuck on empty.  Eat slowly, enjoy the food, join in the conversation and let your body do the work that it was intended to do.
  9. This one is as simple as it sounds you just need to be aware of it: stop eating when you’re full!  Don’t overeat just because it’s there.
  10. Do something active before the meal – instead of just watching football on TV get the family together outside for a friendly game, weather-permitting.  Or plan a workout into your day to offset some of the added calories you’ll be taking in.
  11. Lastly, one of my personal favorites: walk off some more of that pumpkin pie at the mall the next day when you’re Black Friday shopping!

From the David Michael family to yours, we wish you a festive, safe and joyous Thanksgiving holiday.

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