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World Fair Trade Day this Saturday!

Friday, May 8th, 2009

In 2006, David Michael & Co. proudly announced our partnership with TransFair USA (now known as Fair Trade USA), a non-profit, independent Fair Trade certifier, to provide our clients with the first Fair Trade CertifiedTM pure vanilla in the United States.

Fair Trade ensures that farm workers around the world are paid a fair price for their crops. Fair prices lead to thriving communities, children in schools, a healthy environment and sustainable farming practices. When market prices fall below the cost of production, farmers are still guaranteed the fair trade price.

2009 World Fair Trade Day

Because of Fair Trade, family farmers gain access to international markets in which to sell their goods. But Fair Trade doesn’t just benefit farmers, as there is a growing interest among consumers to make responsible purchases.

Plus, there are some tasty Fair Trade treats available at your local supermarket. Kick back this Saturday, May 9th and celebrate World Fair Trade Day with a cup of Fair Trade CertifiedTM coffee, or, even better, a Fair Trade CertifiedTM chocolate bar!

Winter Fancy Food Show 2009 Review – Part 1

Friday, January 30th, 2009

With only one day to take in all the sites, smells and flavors of the annual west coast edition of the Fancy Food Show, I packed my comfy boots, my roomy purse, and trusty notebook to record this gastronomic display!

You’ve Gotta Give a Little

There were a number of themes that permeated the floor. The first and most pervasive of which was “cause marketing.” Booth after booth, products touted their charitable causes, but no one made quite as much of an impact as Project 7. Selling bottled water benefiting seven different causes, Project 7 donates over 50% of its profits to seven areas of need within each cause. How do they decide who gets what? Well, first of all, consumers choose their causes through the products they purchase. Let’s say the environment is at the top of your agenda, simply buy a bottle of Save the Earth water. Consumers also get to vote on the specific benefiting charities through the Project 7 website ( The company also sells three gum varieties: Save the Homeless Mango Mint, Save the Earth Fresh Mint and Feed the Hungry Peppermint Vanilla. Project 7 allows consumers to give just a little bit, purchasing items that are already a part of their daily routine. And in today’s economy, a little bit is a heck of a lot easier to part with for many of us.

Project 7 - Build the Future Water

Project 7 – Build the Future

Chocoholics Anonymous

From the charitable, to the luxurious, I rushed to the Choc-O-Lait booth for a moment of pure indulgence. Taking what looked like a chocolate lollipop, I stirred the confection in a cup of hot milk for a delicious cup of hot chocolate. The concept reminded me of the Truffle Creamers we showcased at the 2008 Innovation Roadshow (creamer, sweetener and flavor in one truffle).

Want Some Bacon in Your Salt?

Despite the fact that American consumers are demanding healthier foods, personal bacon consumption has actually risen over the past 10 years. The Vosges Mo’s Bacon Bar may just be the beginning, and a delicious one at that. (Yes, that would be a chocolate bar.) Check out J&D’s BaconSalt, because, according to the manufacturer, “Everything should taste like bacon.”TM In three flavors, original, hickory and peppered, this artificially flavored seasoning salt is vegetarian, kosher, low sodium, zero fat and zero calorie. The company also offers a natural variety, as well as a number of limited edition flavors. Don’t like salt on your turkey sandwich, not a problem. J&D’s has Baconnaise too!

[Really love bacon? Check out Lane Cardwell's recent blog post on Chain Leader, or check out the "Bacon Explosion."]

Of course, there is way more to talk about from this year’s show! Check back next week when we’ll discuss superfoods, super teas and super soda!


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