No Whey! Greek Yogurt Companies Commit to Responsible Disposal

June 26th, 2013

The latest buzz making waves about Greek yogurt isn’t about innovative flavors or fresh products. Unfortunately, as of the last few weeks, internet chatter about the trendiest of foods has been focused on how companies are disposing of acid whey, a natural bi-product of the Greek yogurt production process.

Because acid whey can be toxic to water oxygen levels if not disposed of properly, consumers and industry watchdogs have turned to the big yogurt companies for answers about how they handle their acid whey disposal.

As Greek yogurt continues to dominate the food scene, increased consumer demand begets increased production, which in turn results in more acid whey bi-product. Greek Yogurt giants, Chobani and Dannon, have both stepped forward to assure the public about their responsible disposal of the bi-product through measures like agricultural recycling (into animal feed and fertilizer) and repurposing for energy production.

Greek yogurt producers are also making it known that they are continuously exploring new ways to repurpose, or responsibly and sensibly dispose of, the acid whey byproduct. So don’t put down your Greek yogurt spoons, eat on and be merry!

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