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Greetings Fellow Foodies!

Monday, September 19th, 2011

“So you’re telling me I get to research and think about food and drinks all day long? Read and write about the latest on-goings in the big, fun world of cuisine? Dig through a database of the latest food and beverage products launched around the world? Oh, and then I get to actually eat and drink some of the latest and greatest new food finds?” (I know. Be jealous.)

Those were some of the immediate thoughts that swirled through my head as I began getting my bearings here at David Michael and Company as the new Marketing and Consumer Insights Manager. As I’m heading into my third month of being here, I’m quickly getting more acclimated with every passing day and really beginning to feel like a part of the tight family that makes DM such a special place to work.

I’m also realizing, very quickly, the inherent potential in me to morph into a complete and utter food nerd. Oh yea, believe it. In just under three months I’ve gone from library-dwelling nerd level to suspender-snapping, pocket-protector wearing nerd level. And. I. Love. It. So put some tape on my glasses and hand me the latest edition of Flavor & The Menu…if being a food nerd is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

Greetings Fellow Foodies

I get genuinely enthused about diving into research projects, creating various trend reports and perusing through the dozens of different food and beverage publications we subscribe to. I now get to experience the delicious and ever-evolving universe of food in an entirely new way. And I couldn’t be more excited to start sharing it with you! So stay tuned…

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