The Best Part About Working for a Global Flavor Company…

April 13th, 2011

…is the cool swag. It’s true. Not only do I get to interact on a daily basis with co-workers worldwide, but we like to trade products, to give each other a taste of what’s out there.

Whether it’s trading American Heath Bars for Mexican Pelon Pelo Rico candy (mango, of course), trying exotic vinegar beverages from China, or giving a visiting French co-worker a tour of the local Whole Foods – we take care of educating each other on local flavor (and feeding those global food cravings).

Recently, our Deputy General Manager of David Michael Beijing contributed a bag of goodies from his local supermarket, which included various flavored Oreos (vanilla ice cream, green tea ice cream, blueberry raspberry and orange mango), seaweed flavored Pringles, candied waxberry (aka, yumberry), and both blueberry and cucumber Lay’s potato chips.

Beijing Goodies - Blueberry and Cucumber Lay’s potato chips - Seaweed Pringles

In Philly, our overall favorite was the Orange Mango Oreo – the flavors were so juicy and authentic – we could definitely see this one working here in the U.S.

Another surprise was the use of cooling sensation in both of the ice cream flavored Oreos, as well as the Lay’s chips. It added a fun dimension (especially with the ice cream flavors) and was exotic to our palates.

If you work for a global flavor company or manufacturer, take advantage of it! Set up a trade program between locations – send new products to each other on a quarterly basis. It’s fun and engaging, and will keep your ideas flowing (not to mention your taste buds interested)!

5 Responses to “The Best Part About Working for a Global Flavor Company…”

  1. Mark Hughes Says:

    Great blog post. Really like all the flavor details. Good actionable idea for other flavor and ingredient companies.

  2. Nicole Says:

    I miss being in the office just for this reason. I’m dying to know what green tea oreos and blueberry lays taste like!

  3. dmflavorsadmin Says:

    The green tea Oreos are VERY floral…much moreso than we are used to. And the blueberry Lay’s were pretty cool – no, literally, they have a cooling sensation….

  4. Kristopher Koretsky Says:

    There is no doubt restaurants could benefit from making some recipes for some of their menu items

  5. Paul Clark Says:

    What an amazing read!!! Thank you for sharing this with us.

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