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On the Fence?

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

David Michael Innovation Roadshow Convention Floor

By now, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about the David Michael Innovation Roadshow – whether on our Twitter feed, an industry magazine, or right here on this very blog. If you’re a procrastinating gal (or guy) like myself, you may be thinking, “oh yeah…I’ll have to look into that…”

Well, I’m here to tell you that time is running low! We are a mere FIVE weeks away from our eighth annual show – and registrations are at an all-time high.

So, if you’re in need of a little push, I’m here to give it. Below are our top 10 reasons to attend this year…

  1. The Innovation Roadshow is a FREE event! There is no cost other than your travel and accommodations.
  2. You will experience innovative flavors and applications – from out-of-the-box concepts to ideas that are ready for market.
  3. Learn from experts on technologies and regulatory issues that impact product formulation in today’s marketplace.
  4. Re-charge your innovative edge – we’ll get you thinking in new ways!
  5. See and taste product concepts in a variety of categories – from confections and baked goods, to distilled spirits and ice cream!
  6. Learn how to adapt these concepts to your own product line. Think a savory frozen snack concept doesn’t have applications for your cookie line? Think again.
  7. Learn how to create, or adapt, a brand that is market flexible – how to remain authentic, yet appeal to local tastes.
  8. Interact with David Michael’s global creative team, as well as others in your field.
  9. Learn more about current and emerging food and beverage trends.
  10. Taste exotic flavors from around the world!

It’s (almost) Roadshow Time!!!

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

This last month has been busy, to say the least. As the 2011 Innovation Roadshow® nears, we have been flooded with preparations.

Our Roadshow committee sat down with the David Michael technical team to taste final concepts for the show. (It’s a hard job, folks – but someone’s got to do it!) While I can’t reveal any of the concepts for this year’s show, I’ll give you a few hints…

We’ve got a couple of hand-held foods to show, and at least one gives a new meaning to sweet & savory. One of our ice cream concepts will literally have you playing with your food. A number of exciting new healthy trends will be on display, and with all of the global flavors, you may feel like you’ve toured the world in two hours. Plus, we’re showing an interesting take on the aphrodisiac trend. And, as always, everything tastes FABULOUS!

Of course, once the review is over, it’s time for each of our concepts to get their close-up. Once again, committee members Denis Blais (senior account manager) and Danielle Durso (marketing coordinator), as well as Kelly DeFusco (senior food technologist, bakery & cereal) took over our board room, along with photographer, Anthony Sinagoga for an intensive photography session, styling for this year’s 26 booths!

Below are some behind-the-scenes shots of the photo shoot – be on the lookout for clues!

David Michael Flavors Food Photo Shoot

Just a small selection of the ingredients needed for this shoot.

Denis prepping for Food Photo Shoot - David Michael Flavors

Denis “in the zone.”

Danielle - Food Photo Testing - David Michael Flavors

Danielle tries out the role of photographer for a shot.

Kelly  - Food Styling for Photo Shoot - David Michael Flavors

Kelly styling her own creation!

Chef Anh Nguy - Food Photo Shoot - David Michael Flavors

The group works alongside Chef Anh Nguy.

David Michael Flavors Photo Shoot Team (Clockwise from left, Anthony, Kelly, Denis, Danielle.)

At the end of three long days, the team takes a breather! (Clockwise from left, Anthony, Kelly, Denis, Danielle.)

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