2010: A Look Ahead

December 15th, 2009

With minds on the recession last year, consumers returned to simpler fare – homecooked meals, comfort foods, cheap cuts of meat, and more. We even saw a spike in home canning supplies. Of course, a number of other trends were at play here – both concern over food safety, and environmental preservation.

For 2010, we see a bit of the same on the horizon, only with an updated twist. Consumers will still want to save money – they will still shop thrifty, they will continue to purchase private label goods. But this year, we see the addition of exciting ingredients back into the diet, as we all move forward.

Some of those flavors include florals, like elderflower (making a splash in bar drinks), rose water and lavender. But possibly one of the biggest flavor trends this year, will be hibiscus. Grown worldwide, hibiscus is a tropical flower, with a fruity disposition. It adds flavor to beverages, confections and other sweet applications.

Health is again a top priority, and one concern in particular is sodium reduction. Look for less salt from manufacturers this year – even ConAgra Foods recently announced that they will cut salt by 20% across their entire brand line-up.

Looking abroad, Peruvian foods will make a splash this year. We’ve already seen the Pisco Sour invade the drink menu, but look for more Incan inspired dishes, like ceviche, on the menu. One flavor to watch is the lucuma fruit. Lucuma ice cream is more popular in Peru than vanilla or chocolate!

Look for more fruity inspiration from Asia, as well. While you may not hear the term “superfruit” as much this year as last, antioxidant-rich foods are still a high priority. Jackfruit, red sweet dates, yuzu and sea buckthorn are just a few of the exotic, yet powerful, fruits to watch for.

And finally – black garlic. It’s a foodie fave and a health trend all in one. With a complex flavor that’s unexpectedly sweet, fermented, and almost smoky. It provides twice the antioxidants of regular raw garlic—without the sharp bite or bad breath issues.

These are just a few of our 2010 trend picks. For more – check out our forthcoming 2010 calendar. Don’t receive our annual calendar? Contact your account manager for more details!

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