A Behind-the-Scenes Peek!

August 7th, 2009

Phew – last week is a bit of a blur – a marathon of Roadshow related activities. Yup, it’s that time of year again. The clock is ticking as we count down the days to the annual Innovation Roadshow®, which is just over two months away (or 68 days).The Roadshow Committee met with our global technical department for final tastings on all of the concepts that will be shown at this year’s Innovation Roadshow. And while I can’t reveal anything that we’ll be showing (so sorry!), I have to say that we’ve once again outdone ourselves.

Not only are all of the products super tasty, but we’ve got some great concepts too! After all of the products were reviewed, we went into photography mode. Committee members Denis Blais (senior account manager) and Danielle Durso (marketing coordinator), as well as Kelly DeFusco (senior food technologist, bakery & cereal) took over our board room, along with photographer, Anthony Sinagoga for an intensive photography session, styling for this year’s 27 booths!

Below are a few shots we snapped over those days, just to give you a few behind-the-scenes peeks!

Innovations Roadshow Photo Shoot Ingredients

All the necessary ingredients for the perfect shot.

Denis’ magic notebook - his sketches for each shot.

Denis - Food Photographer - Innovations Roadshow

Denis and Kelly  - Innovations Roadshow Food Prep

Anthony and Danielle - Food Photo Shoot Strategy

Kelly  - Photo Shoot Prep Techniques - Sheen on Tartlet

Danielle Prepping Food Photo Shoot Checklist - David Michael Flavors

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